We mentioned in our last post that we had to return to the UK, Judith’s father was ill and after a short illness he passed away whilst we have been home. We are thankfull that we were able to get back and spend some time with him during those last few weeks. Judith’s father made the first boat we had, we used to sail it in the Blackwater and on the Avon in Chippenham. it was a bit smaller than Island Girl , it was a home built Goblin called “Spindrift”. He will be remembered fondlly and was keenly following our travels. We wil be returning to Spain on the 7th August and look forward to exploring the North Spanish Coast. As we write this post we are experiancing  a heat wave, the temperature in Bedford is 2C hotter than Bilbao. 

Spindrift on the Avon


  • Judith Linnell

    Sending love & prayers to you both. That’s amazing that Judith’s Dad made your first boat. What memories you must have. Look forward to seeing you again at the weekend.

  • Chris Leitch

    Love to you all at this time. He sounds like an amazing person and must have been really proud of you both, a bit like a legacy. Micah and Chris xx

  • Pam & Graham Snape

    We have just caught up with your Blog (kindly shared from Andy), we were Very Sorry to hear about your Dad Judith but thank the Lord that you were able to return to spend that special time with him.
    Best wishes for the next leg of your adventure which will follow with great interest.
    Pam & Graham

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