We have now been on the boat for nearly a month, for the first two weeks, we were not able to get out sailing as we have had high winds for the last two weeks. We have seen winds over 40 knots measured by our masthead wind speed indicator whilst still in the marina. This time was used to carry out many maintenance tasks including replacing the cooker before the old one poisoned us (it was giving off high levels of Carbon Monoxide. ) We have now sold our car so really are ready to start properly.

Last Saturday we had a visit from a some of our Small Group from St Paul’s Leamington Spa. It was great to catch up with them and they prayed the boater prayer with us.

Friends From Leamington Spa

The Boaters Prayer

The weather has improved dramatically this week and at the end of March it feels like summer (at least at midday) and we have finally ventured away from Gosport. We decided as a first trip we would go over to East Cowes on the Isle of Wight. We plan to spend a few days there. We still have a lot to learn and the every outing teaches us something new.

We had a good sail over to Cowes on Monday and practised anchoring Tuesday in Osborne Bay. The weather has been unseasonably warm and it was great to try anchoring and have lunch in Osborne Bay just off the beach Queen Victoria used to holiday at.

Sailing in the Solent

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  • Denise

    Lovely to hear from you both. Lovely weather on the high seas, very excited for you both look forward to hearing your next adventure.xx

  • Jane

    Great to see your first step on your adventure is going well. I can imagine there is lots to learn! Love the Boaters prayer, Amen to that! 👍😁

  • Judith

    Fabulous pictures, Glad you’ve been able to get out of the marina and venture across the waves. Was brilliant to see you on Saturday 🙂


    Glad to see you had a safe voyage to The Isle of Wight, and nothing fell off( well that you have missed) . Enjoy and keep dry.

  • Andy Lockyer

    Thanks for your news – we were wondering how you were getting on. So after all the months of planning and prayer the day has finally come and your adventure has begun. The boat looks great in the photos and bigger than we had expected. We pray for calm seas and a fair wind. God Bless

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