Christmas is coming and one boat at the marina seems to have got into the Christmas Spirit (not ours just in case you are wondering). 

Christmas at Haslar Marina

We have now had Island Girl just over a month so some of you might be wondering how we are getting on.

We have spent about  10 nights on the boat over the last seven weeks cleaning, carrying out small maintenance jobs and getting quotes for some of the larger jobs. 

We have not yet been out sailing but we did decide to get a day training on moving the boat around the marina under the engine, the main thing we learnt that the boat needs care when reversing as it takes about three seconds to respond to a change of direction and then only slowly.

The big job of replacing the standing rigging is scheduled for the end of January. The mast needs to come off for this and it will take a few weeks so it will probably be late February before we get out sailing unless we get some good weather early Jan.


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  • Robin williams

    Judith and Graham,
    Well done, sounds like you are working hard to prepare Island Girl for her new adventures, look forward to reading your reports as you prepare her for sea.
    Happy Christmas
    Robin Williams – LSSC

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